Metalized / Holographic / Decorative Films

Leading the laminating industry with our specialty films for over 20 years, you can get your creative juices flowing and offer your customers value-added options. These decorative films have been proven to add shelf appeal and increase commercial sales. Choose from a simple bright silver film to a more complex rainbow, or a multitude of other stock or custom holographic images.

When used on the backside of a clear, reverse printed substrate, the decorative nature of these films brilliantly shines through. On the back of a lenticular piece, they offer a unique, totally opaque appearance not achieved with traditional white backers. Most of these films are offered with a print-treat top coating suitable for high quality offset and screen-printing.

Applications Include:

  • Book and Annual Report covers
  • Gift and loyalty cards
  • POP and POS displays
  • Folding cartons
  • CD and DVD packaging

Metalized Gluable / Stampable

This film is a standard silver metalized polyester film with a thermal clear copolymer adhesive layer. It is 1.7 mils thick with a surface that is printable by most conventional print methods. It is an excellent and economical alternative for the back of lenticular or clear substrates. 


With a very bright, mirror-like surface, the SuperBrite™ film will draw attention to your finished piece. Available in 1.7 or 2.0 mil structures, this product will brilliantly stand out on the back of clear substrates. 


Thermal laminating films with a holographic embossed design are used for backing on a wide variety of applications including lenticular, trading cards, and POP. There are large assortments of patterns available and custom patterns can be manufactured for your specific application.


Prostick® is a thermally applied film that, once applied, provides a pressure sensitive adhesive with removable liner to the backside of your piece. 



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