About Us

Protect-all began in the mind of an industry veteran who believed that real innovation could take place under the same roof that delivered unparalleled responsiveness, reliability, quality, and service in the converting and laminating industry. Today, Protect-all is this and more as a world-class manufacturer of thermal laminating films, flexible packaging structures, and specialty and custom coated products. 

At Protect-all, we know that quality begins at the top, with a steadfast commitment from the leadership team to bring our customers the best performing products on time, every time. Our manufacturing facility offers innovative technology, a dedicated R&D team, and an unwavering commitment to quality. 

We have continued to invest in our company to grow our capabilities in extrusion coatings and laminations, dry bond water-base adhesive laminations, solventless laminations, and pressure-sensitive coatings. 

Whether your need is for custom flexible packaging products, lidding films, thermal laminating films or other unique applications, Protect-all can economically provide the products that will assure you a competitive edge. 

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