Innovative and Specialty Products


For your customers that require environmentally friendly high-gloss laminating films, we offer two options.  Both choices are manufactured with a biodegradable co-polymer thermal adhesive.

Enviro-Lam® Renewable

This 1.8 mil product’s base film is made from 100% annual renewable bio-based ingredients, and is compostable.  This can be used as a drop-in replacement for just about any single-sided or double-side application.  As an added bonus, this films surface is an excellent choice for dry erase applications.

Enviro-Lam® Biodegradable

This pulp-based base film product is available in a 1.95 mil total structure and is completely biodegradable.  With excellent flatness for single-sided applications, use this for environmentally friendly soft and turned edge book covers, as well as any other single-sided projects.

Metallized / Holographic / Decorative Films

Leading the laminating industry with our specialty films for over 20 years, you can get your creative juices flowing and offer your customers value-added options.  These decorative films have been proven to add shelf appeal and increase commercial sales.  Choose from a simple bright silver film to a more complex rainbow, or a multitude of other stock or custom holographic images.  Most of these films are offered with a print-treat topcoating suitable for high quality offset and screen-printing. 

Applications include:

  • Book and Annual Report covers
  • Gift and loyalty cards
  • POP and POS displays
  • Folding cartons
  • CD and DVD packaging

Applications include:

  • Soft cover and turned-edge book covers
  • Photo Books
  • Pocket Folders
  • POP and POS displays
  • Printable Surface Products

At Protect-all, we have the unique ability to offer a line of stock printable laminating films, as well as custom printable top-coatings.  If your application requires a simple surface-printed bar code, or more detailed multi-color offset or screen-printing, we have a film solution.  We can tailor a cost-effective printable surface treatment for your unique application.  Printable films are offered in gloss, matte, silver, and holographic products.  Contact your Protect-all representative for more details.

Security Films / Custom Holograms

From standard-stock overt security laminating films to custom overt security features, Protect-all’s film specialists can design the security feature for your individual application. 

Security features include:

  • Stock and custom holograms
  • Ultraviolet ink that will reveal hidden security information not visible by the naked eye
  • Polarized reveal


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