Single-Sided Lamination

Protect-all’s thin-gauge thermal laminates are designed for exceptional performance in high-speed, one-sided applications, but are also well suited for two-sided applications where economical surface protection and enhancement are required. Thin-gauge thermal laminates have excellent gauge profile and consistent snapping, scoring, and cutting performance.














Ranging in thickness from 1.2 mils to 2.0 mils, single-sided films are available with a variety of finishes and performance characteristics. All thin films are coated with a low melt adhesive that provides exceptional adhesion in most print environments. Single-sided films are Ideal for posters, maps, book jackets, turned-edge books, soft cover books, menus, trading cards, tags, labels, blue prints, and other applications where a high-quality, cost-effective finish is required.

Ask about our SureGrip® adhesive for Digital prints or other innovative adhesive systems for more demanding applications.

Polyester  (PET) Films

For applications that require a finish with exceptional clarity or a soft matte or satin appearance. Ideal for documents that demand durability and abrasion resistance—book jackets, signage, educational materials, posters, menus, maps and more.

Nylon Films

Durable and abrasion resistant clear film with excellent bursting and snapping characteristics. Minimizes moisture induced curl in high speed, single-sided applications. Ideal for all your soft cover books, dust jackets or other applications where curl may be a problem. Ask about nylon films with Protect-all’s proprietary Crystal Matte AR® surface. 

Glueable / Stampable (GS) Films

Durable, high clarity polyester film with a top coating that allows the finished laminated product to accept spot UV coating, gluing, foil, or hot stamping / printing with UV offset or many conventional inks. Ideal for book covers, POP displays, turned edge books, folding cartons or packaging, pocket folders, or other applications where further decorative processing may be required. Ask about Protect-all’s other custom printable surface products for your unique applications. 

Dry Erase / Hard Coat Films

Popular in white board / write and wipe applications, our surface coating is more durable than many dry erase materials on the market today, resisting “ghosting” and offering a durable and economical write / erase product. Available in thin or thick gauge with a specialized surface treatment that offers excellent abrasion resistance. To learn more about our Dry Erase / Hard Coat Films, visit our Innovative and Specialty Products section.


Protect-all’s proprietary thin gauge Eco friendly thermal laminating films combine biodegradable adhesive technology with excellent clarity and adhesion. 

Crystal Matte AR®

Many of our thin films can be custom coated with our New Crystal Matte AR® for a scuff-resistant, velvety textured appearance on prints. 






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