SureGrip® On Demand Lamination

With the enormous growth and evolution of the "On Demand" digital print market, a thermal laminating film that allows for quick turnaround and flexibility is necessary. SureGrip® is a custom engineered adhesive package designed to have superior adhesion to digital prints where fuser oils and toner additives often interfere with the bond of standard co-polymer adhesives. 

In a side-by-side study, SureGrip® adhesion outperformed other similar films for Xerox, iGen and DocuColor prints!


  • Reduces the unwanted wait period between printing and lamination.
  • Allows for quick lamination of prints without waiting for inks and fuser oils to dry. 
  • SureGrip® adhesive system is available on a wide variety of our thermal lamination products. 
  • Ask your Protect-all representative about custom SureGrip® applications. 


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