Wide Format Digital Lamination

Protect-all’s wide format, low-melt thermal laminating films are engineered for wide format inkjet printers and other applications where low activation temperature is required. The superior clarity and exceptional bond strengths of our wide format films make them the best choice to meet the demanding optical standards of the wide format print market. 

  • These custom films offer an adhesive package with exceptional clarity, and melt temperatures starting at 185F.
  • Offering the added benefit of ultra violet protection, wide format films protect images from UV induced fading.
  • Can be manufactured in either gloss or matte finish in 3 mil, 5 mil, 7 mil and 10 mil thicknesses. Ask your Protect-all representative about custom structures. 
  • Increased rigidity engineered for the wide format market with a high ratio of polyester to adhesive. 
  • Many of Protect-all’s wide format polyester products are manufactured with our proprietary “FB” moisture resistant technology, making your finished print more resilient when exposed to moisture or humidity.

Hard Coat Matte

A custom low-gloss finish that offers superior scratch resistance and non-reflective, soft appearance. To learn more about our scratch resistant and hard coat products, visit our Innovative and Specialty Products section.

Textured Surface Films

Many of Protect-all’s textured surface films are also available with our low temperature adhesive package. Deep Silk can all be found under Textured and Writeable Products.


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