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Protect-all is a world-class manufacturer of premium quality films for both flexible packaging and thermal laminating applications. Our packaging films cover a wide variety of products including lidding films, cheese sealant, light and heavy-gauge prelams, barrier webs, numerous Cosmetic web films, forming and non-forming structures, as well as industrial and specialty films.

Protect-all’s laminating films include standard and premium clarity films as well as specialty and custom lamination products. Our films are specifically designed to provide protection and enhancement to printed and other manufactured products. Some specialty products include high clarity films, curl resistant films, printable/glueable clear, metalized and holographic products, colored films and a variety of textured films. With more than 110,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space, we are also able to offer converting services for our customers including toll-coating, corona treating, slitting, sheeting, gravure coatings and solventless adhesive laminations.

At Protect-all, our technical support team and product development specialists are second-to-none. We offer consultation at no charge on many packaging and laminating applications, and have helped our customers develop solutions to some of their most difficult film challenges. Whether you are looking for standard packaging or laminating films, specialty products, converting services or innovative laminating solutions for a new project or idea, Protect-all is your one-stop source to meet all of your packaging and laminating film needs.

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