Magnetic Stripe / Signature Stripes

Magnetic stripe laminating films are available and custom-designed around your print layout. These specialty films are most commonly used for the roll-laminated gift and loyalty card market where a magnetic stripe is required to store encoded information. 

Magnetic stripes are available in a low-coercivity (LoCo) or high-coercivity (HiCo). Magnetic striped films are offered in roll or sheet form on films 5 mil (3/2) and higher as well as on paper for ticket and transit pass applications. 

Mag Stripe Specifications:

  • Maximum film/paper web width:  27.5”
  • Minimum film/paper web width: 6”
  • Maximum web OD:  23.5”
  • Maximum stripes per roll:  12
  • Minimum distance apart:  2.25”
  • Magnetic Strip width:  ½”
  • Available Magnetic Stripes:  300o.e. (Oersted) / 650o.e. / 2750o.e. / 4000o.e.

In addition to magnetic stripes, we offer laminating films with a signature stripe. Signature stripes are used by retailers for signature verification. See above Mag Stripe Specifications for available film structures. Contact your Protect-all sales representative for more information. 

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